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Hello & howdy! Welcome to my humble blog. :)

I'm Alia, 26 years old girl, at least as I consider myself. I used to live in many places, right now I'm Kiev, Ukraine. Maybe tomorrow I'll live somewhere else, but it'll be tomorrow, not today. :)

I’m freelancer by occupation and adventurer by nature. I like programming, design, and other sorts of intellectual and creative work.

My past woulda be a good topic for dramatic memoirs, but let’s put it aside. Now I’m rather open-hearted and open-minded person. I'm pretty secretive and shy person, but don't blame me for that-my "asocial" past is not the thing I can shake off easily.

Feel free to contact me if you need, adding me to friends if you want and, of course, comments encouraged! :)

Some Facts About Me:

⊃  I’m a brony. Totally into “MLP:FiM.” Yeehaw!;

⊃  I’m a transgendered person (MtF). It's a huge part of my personality, however I'm not actually much happy with it. I want to end my transition some day and become just a girl as I supposed to be;

⊃  I don’t support official Russian politics. Please, don’t consider me as an occupant of Ukraine or whatsoever. I participated in some anti-war activities (including March for Peace in Moscow, 9/21);

⊃  I’m not vegetarian anymore, sorry. I was one for over a year, but since I started HRT I need so much energy, I just can't supply myself without meat anymore;

⊃  I have Linux allergy. However, I like MacOS;

⊃  I was formerly known as Lia-Ram. But now I’m Alia. Please, don’t call me by my former nickname, I don’t like it;

⊃  I love country stuff like a pig loves mud. Including 4x4 trucks, hats, country music (yeah, cain't deny it), horses, etc. I’d even say I’m kinda redneckish and definitely have a hillbilly bone. According to this test, the closest to me character of MLP is Applejack :);

⊃  I don’t bite. And even don’t kick (only buck apple trees.) I’m very polite but social awkward. Please, don’t be offended if I do somethin’ wrong, maybe I just don’t know how to act properly.

My portrait
My “portrait”
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