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Some Thoughts About Life

...or, like one of my friends said, “listen to me- old ill horse.” Here’re some ramblings that, I’m sure, nobody will ever read (I’m not even dreamin’ of gettin’ any comments!), but I have some spare time now and willing to write ’em down, so I will.

In my naivety, I thought I know the essences of things; now I see, I’m only starting to realize how the world eventually works. I thought we live in one-dimensional world, where one can go up or down; from the bottom is only one way upward and no others. Now I see, our space is two-dimensional, where one can go with or against the stream, but still being at the same level. If someone could ever know how exactly to move on from the very bottom to the top, many human problems may be solved at once. But, no, it’s no universal formula. As for me, I see the means, but can’t find my ways. That’s the main riddle I have to reveal.

In the middle ages the life was simpler- I won’t say “easier,” I mean easier to understand. If you’re born in high society- then you will be noble. If you’re born amongst commoners, then you will be plebeian. That’s pretty simple; the cards are dealt in the very beginnin’. If you weren’t born as a nobleman, you will never become one. Later, France with its “noblesse de robe” has changed this existed order. But has anythin’ changed for common man? Ah don’t think so, cause “to have [any hypothetical] opportunity” and “to have the possibility to seize this opportunity”- ain’t the same thangs; they indeed are very different.

We want to believe that nowadays we live in another society, where anyone from lower social class could get as high as he’d ever like to. But I personally don’t reckon somethin’ has seriously changed- if someone was born on the bottom, he most likely will stay near this level for whole his life, when high cotton ones still have all trump cards to become whoever they want.

It’s one more thing I want to mention- the transience of time. We all have our plans and dreams, we all live for some goals and achievements. But we have very limited time to reach ’em up. In the very beginnin’ human being is like a blank list of paper, or, I’d rather say, like a set of blank pages, like a writing-book. Different men have different number of the pages, but the one thing is immutable- finiteness of ’em. And every task takes some pages to complete. If somebody wants to become a great engineer, he won’t become the one here and now; it takes years of education and hard work, and of course it takes out some “pages.” Year by year the number of these pages decreases and some goals becomes inaccessible.

It’s hard to believe, but the older you get the less the less freedom you have. With age we get not only experience, but social obligations, health issues, and our unique traits too, that confine us in our freedom of choosing our way. I’m sincerely glad for those who have found their gooder’n-grits way and fine with it (and, to be honest, I envy ’em,) but... If ya’re 40 and drinker, you most likely won’t become an astronaut. If your appearance is as scary as death of a diver, you won’t become a model. If you’re shy like hay, you won’t become a great journalist or actor. You may become a mere journalist, maybe even average journalist, but the great one- most probably not.

If y’all are disagree with these thangs I’ve wrote out, I betcha you’re young. And I’m glad (no, really) for ya and your blissful light-mindedness. But remember- the clocks are tickin’ for you too. I reckon ya’ll get it when you’re older, but would it makes you happier? I doubt that.

Maybe someday I will come to understanding our world is actually three-dimensional. But when it comes, I will be a hoary old mare, who ain’t interested in anythin’ but chewin’ another portion of hay. Yet I’m not, but I’m slowly gettin’ closer. Day by day.



Dec. 15th, 2014 12:05 am (UTC)
The revolution in France and then the Great War after Pax Brittanica destroyed and exhausted most monarchies in Europe and the WWII eradicated the principle on which the Empires were build upon - the myth of supremacy of white man. Yes its true and quite obvious that social stratification still exists in our days but it became less dependent on the things a person can't change (it should be noted though that the noble titles in the middle ages could have been bought). A person nowadays has a significant chance to get out of a lumpen status and become an elite in his lifetime if he has wits and will to do that. Of course concurrent system is far from perfect. Cronyism and hereditary wealth are the things that hinder the development of the western world. Surely it is not a dead end of human civilization, there is numerous ways to make a breakthrough in this matter. Implementation of these ways are another matter though, it requires just a bit more than a couple of bright people in high places.
As for the ways for reaching your goals it depends on what you want to achieve. If is money then I'd recommend stock markets. It totally is a social elevator given you have some patience on spending. Cronies in high places might help, but I somehow don't think its your thing. If your goal is something else, the money will help greatly in any endeavor. Good luck and keep your chin up.