Obsolete Services

Just wanted y'all to know. Time goes by and everything changes. Some services I used to use formerly I consider obsolete now:

- I don't use ICQ anymore, now I use only Skype (my login is "liapardus" there);
- I won't use my LJ scrapbook, now I'll store my photos on Flickr;
- I won't use this blog anymore, now you may find me on Facebook or Reddit or VKontakte (sometimes I even write there in Russian, but not often. Why? Because Russian language is getting obsolete for me too :))
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Chaos Is Rising Today

This song's just like it is about the political and social situations in Russia. You only need to replace "Equestria" with "Russia" and "Discord" with "Putin."

Somehow I have to escape from
This nightmare of a world ours has become
What happened to the nation we all knew
We're crushed under Discord's Putin's rule

And of course:

Isn't there something you can do
To save the world that we once knew
Dear princess, the lesson I learned today
Is that sometimes everything just fades away...

We even don't need to change anythin' in these lyrics. Do y'all think it's kinda joke? Sadly, it is our reality.

Some Thoughts About Life

...or, like one of my friends said, “listen to me- old ill horse.” Here’re some ramblings that, I’m sure, nobody will ever read (I’m not even dreamin’ of gettin’ any comments!), but I have some spare time now and willing to write ’em down, so I will.

In my naivety, I thought I know the essences of things; now I see, I’m only starting to realize how the world eventually works. I thought we live in one-dimensional world, where one can go up or down; from the bottom is only one way upward and no others. Now I see, our space is two-dimensional, where one can go with or against the stream, but still being at the same level. If someone could ever know how exactly to move on from the very bottom to the top, many human problems may be solved at once. But, no, it’s no universal formula. As for me, I see the means, but can’t find my ways. That’s the main riddle I have to reveal.

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Democracy A-la Russian

A Russian Linux developer, Dmitry Monakhov has been arrested in the middle of Moscow for protesting against the war in Ukraine, even though the single pickets ain’t prohibit by Russian laws and don’t require any permission. When he was being arrested, some people screamed out insults and abuses.

This time Dmitry has been sentenced to jail for 15 days. Last time when he was arrested, he was beaten by soldiers of riot squad without any reason. It ain’t first such case here- the demonstrants against Russian aggression toward Ukraine are often being arrested literally for nothin’, for they didn’t brake any laws.

As for me, luckily I hadn’t any problems with police yet, however I was in many conflict situations with people in the street. It’s quite a few inadequate people all around, who’d like to tear you apart if you’re disagree with official government politics and have enough courage to express it in any socially acceptable way. It’s just a miracle that I still keep a whole skin. That’s what Russian freedom of speech is, and this is the main reason why I’m afraid to stay in this place any longer.

I Have Noticed One Thing

We, in Russia, have tons of “patriots,” who think that America is the world aggressor and Americans gave this world nothin’ but wars, violence, and destruction. But if you ask ’em, “what Russians gave to this world,” most of ’em will answer, “tanks, jets, Kalashnikov, H-bomb.” :)

When Russians have many real achievements, these guys remember only military stuff. And when you tell ’em that Russians are aggressive, inclined to violence, or don’t behave like civilized people, then try to offend you, start to swearing and cursing, or even try to hit you. Why? Maybe because patriots indeed ain’t civilized people.