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Just Another Song About Me

After six days spent in my summer house without electricity and heat, when temperature indoor sometimes was about 25°F, and most of my “friends” here who didn’t give a hay about it, I found this song is almost written about me:


Just Random Photos From Moscow

I spent a lot of time in the middle of Moscow, most expensive and beautiful place of Russia. By my way I was takin’ some photos when I was there, and here they are.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

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March for Peace (Moscow, 9/21)

As y’all know, the March for Peace took place in Moscow on Pushkinskaya Square on 21/9/2014. I should have wrote ’bout it early, but I was too busy to write anythin’. And as the one, who have his conscience, and sorta political horse animal, I just couldn’t overpass this event. By different estimations, from 10k to 100k demonstrants gathered there to give their voices of protest against aggressive Russian politics relatively to Ukraine and Ukrainian crisis. I like there are so many thinkin’ people against millions of “patriotic” zombies with their brains washed by government propaganda.

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Updated Bio

Have updated my profile. Maybe y’all’ll find there sumthin’ new ’bout meh. :)

Some Stuff I Have Got

Like I was said, I’ve bought some stuff on Nightmare Night in Moscow, and it’s time for photos.

The large laminated poster in format A3 with the drawing “Legends of Equestria” by Ziom.

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Several hundreds of bronies gathered in Moscow yesterday on Nightmare Night festival timed to celebrating Halloween. It wasn’t as large as RuBronyCon, but it was the first brony convent I’ve ever visited. And Ah didn’t come back empty-hoofed, I’ve got some beautiful thangs and brought y’all some photos. Here we go!

Bronies started to come in more than a hour before opening, it sure was a crowd of ’em.

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I’ve Got Back

Hello. I reckon y’all’re wondering where have I been for last 3 months. So here I am with some news. I was in Moscow, capital of Russia, our local Canterlot. :) I worked hard and sometimes I pushed myself to the limit. I worked on TV channel, advertisement firm, and in restaurant beside Red Square. I almost hadn’t days off, that’s why I didn’t write anythin’ to this blog or somewhere else in the web; I just hadn’t enough time for this and, when I got some, I found I couldn’t write due to my writer’s block caused by my despirited mood. Of course, Moscow is a city of great opportunities and money, but as for me it’s unbearable hard to live in such big city, full of concrete, steel, and populated with tons of snobby high-cotton people.

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Russian Zombies

Original image (with titles in Russian) is here- http://foto.meta.ua/6592177.image


Black Beauty

While the ponies from the MLP show eat cupcakes and throw parties, life of real horses and ponies ain’t as cheerful and optimistic. And here’s a book ’bout it, written in style of autobiography of a horse, I reckon y’all know this one.

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I Did a Little Maintenance In Some Office

And... oops.

Sometimes I get sorta Derpy. “Please don’t look at the ceiling”- I said to my boss, when he came inside this room. :)